The Life List

This is a list, in no particular order, of things I want to do and learn. It’s curated, so I’ll be adding to it and striking through things I’ve accomplished. To be fair, I’ve already done a couple of items, but haven’t crossed those off because it’s been so long since I did them originally and I want to re-learning or re-experience them. Also, just because I’ve crossed something off, doesn’t mean I never want to do it again. It was inspired by a list on this sweet blog over here.

  1. Learn how to reupholster furniture and reupholster something
  2. Sew another quilt or two
  3. Zip line
  4. Scuba dive
  5. Write a mystery/thriller
  6. Write a book of poetry
  7. Give a poetry reading
  8. Get recent poems published in magazines
  9. Get published by a publishing house
  10. Self-publish a book online
  11. Write a children’s book
  12. Have kids
  13. Work for a literary nonprofit
  14. Help someone learn how to read
  15. Start a garden
  16. Own our own home
  17. Learn how to draw
  18. Learn how to paint using watercolors
  19. Write book reviews
  20. Write postcards to friends once a week for a year
  21. Raise chickens
  22. Raise a goat
  23. Live off the grid
  24. Own a micro house
  25. Live on a boat
  26. Take a boat trip across the Atlantic
  27. Have a fireplace in my bedroom
  28. Learn how to make ravioli by hand
  29. Make my own cheese
  30. Learn how to sea kayak
  31. Go hiking in all the different seasons
  32. Learn how to mountain climb
  33. Start a fire with just sticks
  34. Build a lean-to and sleep in it
  35. Read more about U.S. history
  36. Read more about int’l history
  37. Memorize world geography
  38. Learn how to read a map and use a compass
  39. Raise a dog
  40. Raise a cat
  41. Learn how to sail
  42. Sail places with Josh
  43. Become a great bread baker
  44. Make delicious cakes and sell them to coffee shops
  45. Eat honeycomb
  46. Make a daisy chain
  47. Use/make tablecloths
  48. Become a photographer
  49. Publish pictures
  50. Go to an art gallery opening at least 2 x a year
  51. Go to a museum at least 2 x a year
  52. Get my nose pierced again
  53. Make things and sell them on Etsy
  54. Go ghost hunting
  55. Attend a costume party
  56. Throw a costume party
  57. Go to Alaska
  58. Help build a house
  59. Visit the Mayan ruins
  60. See the pyramids
  61. Hike part of the Great Wall
  62. Learn how to fence
  63. Learn to identify plants and flowers
  64. Learn Latin
  65. Write a successful blog
  66. Make greeting cards
  67. Build a bookshelf
  68. Build a vertical planter
  69. Learn how to meditate
  70. Take yoga classes
  71. Sew a dress
  72. Sew a skirt
  73. Sew an outfit
  74. Go horseback riding
  75. Go whitewater rafting
  76. Build a treehouse
  77. Illustrate a children’s book
  78. Sleep in a castle
  79. Give a book signing
  80. Chop down a Christmas tree
  81. Grow my own fruit trees
  82. Learn how to play the piano
  83. Make jam
  84. Make cupcakes and give them away to strangers
  85. Go on a cross-country road trip with the love of my life
  86. Read a book a week for at least a year
  87. Keep a daily journal
  88. Go a month without TV or movies
  89. Go a week without internet (I’d like to go longer, but it’s the 21st century and my email won’t allow it.)
  90. Make wine and design the label
  91. Write one letter a month for a year
  92. Take a selfie-portrait once a day for a year
  93. Track my family history
  94. Learn how to steam milk and make those designs in my morning coffee
  95. Learn how to make pottery
  96. Make a headboard out of reclaimed barn wood
  97. Make a gourmet multi-course meal for friends and family
  98. Volunteer once a month for a year
  99. Write a letter in invisible ink
  100. Write a letter in code
  101. Learn woods survival skills
  102. Be a detective
  103. Name something important
  104. Make a discovery
  105. Make a sourdough starter

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