Spring Cleaning – A Mother’s Day Gift!

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Day 78

For our Mother’s Day gift this year, my mom asked us to come help clean out the back room in our basement. So, we spent yesterday afternoon inhaling dust until our noses ran while we all made giant donate piles to Good Will, discovered forgotten childhood toys and more nineties/early two thousand clothes than you could shake a hanger at. Like most basements, it was full of junk and hidden treasures – a giant box of photos, favorite picture books, kindergarten art projects, and a few jackets with shoulder pads in them.

Although this sounds like a crummy afternoon, it was a lot of fun sorting through old stuff. There was a lot of “I can’t believe I wore this!” to “Amanda! I still have your baby arm cast! And look! Your tiny sneakers! Oh! Melissa! Here’s your baby footprints! Here, take one, I have tons still.” (They are now up on our fridge in the apartment.) Basically, it was my favorite kind of Mother’s Day – hanging out and talking about the funny things we’ve done as a family. Afterwards, Dad made us all pasta carbonara and we took the rest of the evening off and watched A Long Kiss Goodnight – one of mom’s favorite action movies – while Winston slept on my feet.

As much fun as yesterday was, this afternoon was exhausting. The three boxes I hauled home were full of stuff from college – papers, notes, exams, posters, books, postcards – you name it, it was probably in that box. I sat on the floor of our apartment for a good three hours listening to podcast after podcast while tossing, keeping and sorting. It was grueling – not as grueling as actually writing all of those papers – and I feel better after recycling about a half ton of paper. Next weekend or the weekend after, I’ll be bringing back a couple more tubs to go through and then it will be on to my parent’s garage! Dun dun duhhhhhh.

On the less grueling side, we also discovered some plates, christmas tree decorations, a teapot, dish towels and a pepper grinder that I bought and put away before I moved out to Massachusetts! Thankfully, I still like the dishes and I’m hoping Josh will like them too.

Sometimes, happiness is complicated; other times, it’s as simple as cleaning out a basement.