Revisiting Old Favorites

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Day 74

My favorite part about my morning routine, other than taking Winston on a walk, is getting to work an hour early. By work, I mean the coffee shop next door – I sit, sip my coffee and read a book. Right now, after speeding through three new books last week, I’m taking a break from tearing through new reads and am rereading an old favorite – The Lake of Dead Languages by Carol Goodman.

It’s a semi-gothic mystery set at an all girls high school on a lake in the middle of nowhere. While that short sentence sounds boring, it’s actually dripping with mysterious and possibly supernatural happenings – a perfect read for the start of summer!

A former student, Jane Hudson, returns to Heart Lake School for Girls as the Latin teacher and quickly becomes entangled in the present day troubles of three of her students. Their relationship reminds Jane of her own friendships which ended tragically the week before her own graduation – she was the only one left alive who knows what really happened at the Lake twenty years ago. As much as she tries not to draw parallels between her past and her present, someone isn’t letting her forget.

Even though I know what happens, rereading a book is like re-watching a favorite movie – perfect for boosting my happiness!


Lazy (ish), rainy Sunday!

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Day 71

After a somewhat lazy Saturday night in, Josh and I were up bright and early to take Winston on a long, rainy walk this morning through sleepy Seattle neighborhoods. There were some really beautiful houses along the way that reminded us a lot of the old Victorian-ish houses in Northampton, MA with huge gardens. Granted, a lot of these gardens were mostly built on a steep slant given the crazy angle of the hill some of these houses were on, but it added to their crooked charm.

Before we took him on a walk, we ran across the street to the infamous bakery and repaid all that healthy running yesterday with delicious, buttery croissants and large coffees full of caffeine and cream. Although we had to vie for a table (aka share with strangers) we spent a nice half hour savoring the sugar while hoping the rain would let up enough so that we wouldn’t get entirely soaked as we walked the dog.

This afternoon, we ran our usual errands, Josh got a haircut for his sister’s upcoming graduation (next Saturday!!!! Go Sarah!!) and then we spent the rest of the day being lazy. It was just that kind of day. I finished one book and started another – equally good, which is always hard to do after finishing a great read – and am generally feeling well rested and ready to tackle my second week at the new job. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that it was, at least a little bit, less wet and rainy than ours!

Reading Cures Pretty Much Everything

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Day 58

Although I really loved running the 5K, my left foot didn’t. Since Saturday night, I’ve been hobbling around our apartment like a Quasimodo minus the hunch. My (and my fam’s) best guess is that my feet just aren’t used to running outside and probably didn’t have enough arch support from my old pair of sneakers, so I’m doing my best to stay off my foot. Despite being at home a lot, this is surprisingly hard to do.

To distract myself from being mobile, I spent a good portion of the morning mapping out future blog posts and reading the book above. I read the first in the series on a cross-country train trip from Massachusetts to Seattle a couple of years ago and it was fantastic read. Although this is targeted towards older teenagers, there’s a lot on offer for adults, too – especially given how original the format is with mixing vintage, bizarre photographs within the plot.

Lucky for me, the sequel is just as good. With an afternoon of reading, I’m just about halfway through and I’ll probably finish tomorrow. Although I’m sad about my foot, it was a definite happiness boost to be able to spend a day reading, writing and snuggling with the Winston.

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5k is tomorrow!

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Day 55

Today was another beautiful/partly cloudy Seattle spring day. The Japanese maple tree has finally spread out all of it’s leaves and, in the past week, we’ve been enjoying slightly more sunshine than rain, which definitely adds to the happiness factor. I also gave away a bunch of the sugar cookies I made yesterday to friends in our building. Luckily, they didn’t think it was strange that I was making animal shaped sugar cookies and frosting them in ridiculous colors despite the fact that I’m twenty-six. The cookies that I didn’t give away, I spent the rest of the day alternately snacking on and reading my book (and of course, saved some cool animal cookies for Josh, too.)

And, in case you’re wondering, they were absolutely delicious. To save time, I write down most of my favorite recipes – especially if I originally get them online – that way I’ll always have them even if they disappear from the internet.

This afternoon, I finally finished reading Devil in the White City which I really enjoyed.Overall, I think the author did a great job of weaving together the different pieces of the story – from information about H.H. Holmes, to the architects behind the Fair and everything in between. I really enjoyed learning more about Frederick Olmsted, who designed the grounds for the Fair, the grounds at Smith College and, more famously, Central Park in New York (of course, I also enjoyed learning about H.H. Holmes, too!)

We also found out this afternoon that Josh won tickets to another Sounder’s soccer game! His company was throwing a fun Friday event and he entered a drawing and won! That’s twice so far this year that Josh has won tickets to things – I think maybe we’ll start entering raffles for new cars, too, haha. We’ll be heading to the game next Saturday with our scarves in tow. We’d bring Winston, too, but I don’t think the powers that be would let him in without a service dog certification.

Tomorrow morning Josh and I are getting up bright and early to head to the 5k down on Alki. It’s 3.10 miles total – with a 1.5 ish mile down the beach and then back. The fact that people will be running against me in the other direction could either be demoralizing or encouraging; I can’t decide. In any case, we’re putting on our running shoes and heading out the door by about 7:00 to make sure we have parking and can pick up our registration packets. I may also try to sneak in a little tiny sip or two of coffee in our busy morning schedule, but maybe not. I imagine running will probably wake me up just as much as the caffeine.

So wish us luck! I will report back tomorrow to let you all know how it goes!