Micro Post – Happy Things!

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Day 75

This will be a micro post – after an extraordinarily busy week, we are getting ready to send Josh off to Massachusetts for Sarah’s graduation on Saturday! (GO SARAH!!!) Between that, my new job and wading through a grueling hour-long traffic snarl after said new job, I’m exhausted. So, here is a list of happy moments from my day:

– the morning coffee that Josh made for me
– taking Winston on his morning walk and saying hi to our neighbors with dogs
Рspending a bit reading Lake of Dead Languages
walking around the gorgeous neighborhoods next to my work before starting my work day (the flower picture is from someone’s garden in that neighborhood)
– getting a very kind email from a customer about my customer service skills
– going out for dinner with Josh tonight
– knowing that Winston now has a dog walker and that he’ll be walked with his little French Bulldog buddy, Agnes, starting tomorrow!
– getting to sleep early tonight

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!