Revisiting Old Favorites

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Day 74

My favorite part about my morning routine, other than taking Winston on a walk, is getting to work an hour early. By work, I mean the coffee shop next door – I sit, sip my coffee and read a book. Right now, after speeding through three new books last week, I’m taking a break from tearing through new reads and am rereading an old favorite – The Lake of Dead Languages by Carol Goodman.

It’s a semi-gothic mystery set at an all girls high school on a lake in the middle of nowhere. While that short sentence sounds boring, it’s actually dripping with mysterious and possibly supernatural happenings – a perfect read for the start of summer!

A former student, Jane Hudson, returns to Heart Lake School for Girls as the Latin teacher and quickly becomes entangled in the present day troubles of three of her students. Their relationship reminds Jane of her own friendships which ended tragically the week before her own graduation – she was the only one left alive who knows what really happened at the Lake twenty years ago. As much as she tries not to draw parallels between her past and her present, someone isn’t letting her forget.

Even though I know what happens, rereading a book is like re-watching a favorite movie – perfect for boosting my happiness!