Napping Cat is a Happy Cat

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 9.49.45 PM

Day 73

As you can probably tell from my many, many pictures of Theo’s various napping positions, he loves naps. Ever since we got him, naps have been his favorite thing. Of course, for all I know, he could be resting up for a busy night of hunting ninja mice (in which case, sleep away my friend) but more than likely, lately he’s conserving energy to launch a sneak attack on Winston.

Although he and Winston have their cooperating moments (remember the stolen pizza slice from a couple of weeks ago?!) they mostly just tolerate each other. And by each other, I mean Winston wants to play with Theo while Theo wants nothing to do with Winston – Theo’s lightening moves and kitty growls come out when he gets fed up with the dog pestering him.

Josh and I were talking tonight about how quick Theo’s gotten and how unimpressed he’s become with weird animals that are larger than him (aka the pup). This wasn’t always the case, even with animals that were a little smaller than him.

When we were living in Boston, there was this giant squirrel that would lumber past our bedroom window at least twice a week. He didn’t necessarily outweigh our lithe cat, but he was a fat Boston squirrel in the same way New York gets fat pigeons. Either way though, Theo was simultaneously fascinated and terrified. When that squirrel waddled by, Theo would spring up and, very cautiously, sneak towards the window as if he had a snowball’s chance of catching it. In reality, if the squirrel had ever gnawed it’s way through the screen, or simply beat it down with his little furry squirrel paws, Theo probably would have run the other way (with me close behind!)

Even with the internal struggle between wanting to attack the squirrel and hide from it, Theo didn’t let it affect his napping schedule. By the time the squirrel scampered away, Theo would stretch out in the sunshine and resume snoozing – he applies this same methodology to Winston and it seems to work!

While I’m definitely still a dog person, and I wouldn’t put Theo up for a squirrel defense award, Theo is awesome. He’s a grumpy, cantankerous old man cat that occasionally scratches you with his back claws and may pee on Josh’s feet to lay claim to him over Winston but on the other hand, Theo will sleep curled up around your head purring all night because you’re his favorite person. Even a dog lover couldn’t ask for a better sign of love or happiness!


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