Lazy (ish), rainy Sunday!

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 10.43.37 PM

Day 71

After a somewhat lazy Saturday night in, Josh and I were up bright and early to take Winston on a long, rainy walk this morning through sleepy Seattle neighborhoods. There were some really beautiful houses along the way that reminded us a lot of the old Victorian-ish houses in Northampton, MA with huge gardens. Granted, a lot of theseĀ gardens were mostly built on a steep slant given the crazy angle of the hill some of these houses were on, but it added to their crooked charm.

Before we took him on a walk, we ran across the street to the infamous bakery and repaid all that healthy running yesterday with delicious, buttery croissants and large coffees full of caffeine and cream. Although we had to vie for a table (aka share with strangers) we spent a nice half hour savoring the sugar while hoping the rain would let up enough so that we wouldn’t get entirely soaked as we walked the dog.

This afternoon, we ran our usual errands, Josh got a haircut for his sister’s upcoming graduation (next Saturday!!!! Go Sarah!!) and then we spent the rest of the day being lazy. It was just that kind of day. I finished one book and started another – equally good, which is always hard to do after finishing a great read – and am generally feeling well rested and ready to tackle my second week at the new job. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that it was, at least a little bit, less wet and rainy than ours!


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