Fiesta 5K!


Day 70

We had an awesome time running with my sister and friends at Volunteer Park this morning. It was a lot more crowded than the tiny little Alki Earth Day 5k – a couple thousand more – but we were able to either outrun the slow ones or gently use our elbows to scooch between other runners.

There were also a lot of people dressed in costume – there was one guy in some kind of a donkey/sombrero combo running with a blowup beer bottle that was just bizarre (we also rode the bus there with him) and tutus were also pretty common. I even saw one lady with a piñata strapped across her front. When Amanda and I were crossing the finishing line, a guy dressed as an ear of corn was chased across the finish line by another guy dressed as a chicken.

We’ve decided that if we do another run this summer we need to go all out on the dressing up.

The park was absolutely beautiful and a little bit of sun managed to peek through, even though the sky was looking like it could dump rain at any second. To be fair, it did a few times but our luck held for the most part and it didn’t rain while we were actually running. Although it wasn’t as flat as our first run, Josh and I both think we might have stuck to around the same time. For me, that’s not too shabby because I’d taken a break from running after our last one because my foot hurt so bad (this time around, no foot pain, so that’s a plus!)

After our run, we met up with some friends for brunch and had a full day of hanging out in the U-District. At this point though, I’m absolutely exhausted and am dragging myself off to bed. I hope everyone had a great Saturday!


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