Eve of the Fiesta 5K Ole!

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 10.34.15 PM

Day 69

In case you’re wondering, this is Theo right before we packed him up in our car and moved him from Boston all the way to Seattle. We bought him the red harness to use as a secure handle in case he somehow managed to wiggle free from his carrier and roam free in the car. We quickly realized he wasn’t Houdini, however, and the harness was much more useful in making sure he didn’t escape our careful grasp on one of a few emergency stops we had to make to switch out the towels in his crate (because cat for hours in a car sans littler box is messy.) This involves careful extraction of the cat from crate before shaking the throwaway bedding into a gas station garbage can. Once, Josh had to set his little kitty feet on the asphalt while still holding the handle (probably because Theo scratched his arms) and Theo’s eyes got huge, as if to say “What’s this cold stuff? You’re not leaving me here, are you?!”

As you can tell, he basically looked like he was wearing a tiny little cape and for the whole trip we made up superhero names for him. Anyway, I ended up digging this picture out tonight because Josh – very kindly – saved a batch of pictures from my phone to the computer and I ended up scrolling through a bunch from earlier in the year. It’s crazy to think about how many states we’ve driven through in 2013 and, if we really wanted to do some math, how many places we’ve lived since we first got together.

With a great first week at work behind me, I’m almost as excited for the first weekend in a long time that feels like I deserve it off! Tomorrow we are running the Fiesta 5K Ole at 9:30 am with my sister and our neighbors from upstairs (pictures posted tomorrow, of course.) Afterwards, we’re planning on meeting up with a few more friends and either heading to brunch or eating tacos. Participants in the race get a sweet discount, but it’s a toss up on whether 10:30 is too early for me to eat a taco. Wish us fast feet!


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