Hello Summer!

Day 68

I know I mention every now and then when we get a peek at sunshine, but today was drop dead gorgeous. It was about 85 degrees and probably broke records for Washington temps on May 1st.

I wish we could say we expect some sun on Saturday during our second 5k run, but alas, there’s a good chance of rain. Either way though, this week was great reminder that summer is just around the corner.

After working almost a full week, we’ve gotten in the habit of giving Winston a pre-work walk and an afternoon or evening walk. This morning, Josh took him on a super long walk because Josh was busy studying for his test tomorrow. Apparently, it was already a little too warm for Winston and he had to lay down in the grass and lick the dew.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 10.12.13 PM

So, tonight we waited until it was dark and somewhat cooler for the second one. As we were walking past the cooking store, we saw (and smelled) fantastic wisteria/lilac smelling tree trained to grow over this arch. It was difficult to see/photograph, but it smelled amazing.


Although Spring happened gradually this year, it’s still hard to believe winter is over and that (knock on wood) May 1st is the semi start to warmer weather. And, surprise, it’s also really hard to believe that I have 32 days left in this happiness project! I hope everyone had a wonderful May Day!


One thought on “Hello Summer!

  1. It was a great May Day. Spring is finally coming to us all. “The Winston” looks so happy laying in the grass. He needs a big yard to run around in. I think he is taking Josh for the walk rather than the other way around. Have a fun run tomorrow.


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