20140427-210305.jpgDay 64

Today was another super busy day full of preparations for the next week. We got all the annoying things out of the way – cleaned house, took care of laundry, grocery shopped, meal planned and kitchen cleaned so that our first week as two full time employees goes as smoothly as possible.

This afternoon, I headed down to Tacoma for a celebratory dinner for Amanda at my parents! I got to see my brother – he’s up from California on a short break from his golfing program – and we all had a great time visiting and, as usual, dinner was tasty! We had sour cream enchiladas and a cherry tart for dessert.

After that, everyone settled in to watch Game of Thrones, but I had to eat and run so I could get home at a decent hour. Turns out, this was a good thing.

By the time I got home, Josh was ready to scalp Winston and Theo. He had made a pizza from scratch – ok, using Trader Joe’s dough – and was just sitting down to eat when he got a phone call. He got up to walk to the kitchen and his back was to the computer desk where he had set his pizza when all of a sudden he heard something hit the floor.

When he turned around, he saw Winston dart for the floor while Theo jumped down from the desk to savor his hard won battle against the slice of pizza. Although Winston ate the lion’s share, Theo got in a few good nibbles of cheese and tomato sauce before it was taken away by the Horrible Overlord. We are almost certain they worked in tandem – Winston to distract Josh and Theo to sweep the pizza to the floor.

Thankfully, I was sent home bearing leftovers, so Josh let the beasties live. This was a fantastic weekend, I’m exhausted but hopefully ready to start my new job tomorrow! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend with little to no meal stealing by family pets!


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