Birthday Dinner!

Day 62

Amanda and I took our mom out for a belated birthday dinner at The Smoke and Cedar in Tacoma. Although it was crowded, and there was a bit of a wait for a table, the service was amazing and the food was fantastic.

We had shoestring fries with tiny pieces of chicken fried steak, jalapeños, cilantro and Parmesan cheese with gravy on the side and spicy, crispy cauliflower with blue cheese dressing. If you can’t tell from the list of ingredients, the appetizers were drool-worthy.

We had a wonderful time catching up and getting the scoop on the stories that Amanda and I are too young to remember but are also too hilarious for us to forget as adults.

The food was so good, we were sad we just had a girls’ night instead of including the guys but Josh will get the delicious, delicious leftovers – we all ordered poutine-style twice baked potatoes (invented by the Canadians, it’s a potato or fries smothered in cheese curds, gravy and spices), salads and somehow found room for dessert.

It was a wonderful evening out with just girls – although given how amazing the food was, I’m hoping we take the guys next time, too!


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