Amanda Davis, Attorney at Law!

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Day 61

My sister was officially sworn in as an Attorney a little after 4:00 today!

This afternoon Josh took off early from work, I packed up the dog and we drove down to Tacoma to watch my sister get sworn in. (Winston didn’t attend – I think the judges frown on dogs in the courtroom – but he was there in spirit!) We are all incredibly proud of her and are sharing pictures coast to coast!

To get to the swearing in, we actually had to park at the jail and then hike over to the courthouse. Ok, hike is maybe an exaggeration but it was cold and windy and I was worried the April on/off downpours we’d been having all day would choose that moment to strike so it felt a little trek-ish at the time.

Other than going to a tiny courtroom for a supreme court class at Smith, I’ve never been to one, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The first bit was a lot like any courtroom entry scene in Law & Order where you’re immediately filtered through a security set up. It was like going through airport security, but without being told to take off your shoes or dump out your purse. Thankfully, the line also moves much quicker and we were able to scoot through no problem.

After that, it was a maze of courtrooms and elevators and felt more like walking around a heavily guarded community college. Once we found the right room, we were handed programs and scored a front row seat from which mom and I took turns embarrassing her by waving and taking pictures while her and the other candidates were waiting to enter the courtroom. Luckily for Amanda, after the ceremony started it was all very official (with much less waving) with twenty or more judges in attendance as well as the presiding judge that walked the candidates through their oath.

The ceremony was short, sweet and to the point but after all those years of hard work and passing the bar exam with flying colors, it was really something to watch her up there being sworn in. I know the whole family is incredibly proud of her and we can’t wait to see what mountain she’ll climb next!



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