Friends, Books and the Bookstore Bar!

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 10.06.06 PM

Day 60

Today was a drizzly cold spring day but we’re nearing the end of April (hurrah!) so it’s still light out at 7:30 which somehow makes getting through damp days easier.

Tonight Josh had a coworker send-off at Sazarac (where we saw the football players in late January) while I met up with a friend at the Bookstore Bar downtown. I’ve wanted to visit this bar for years but have never managed to see what it was about. I finally went when Josh and I stopped in on our way to the Sounders game in late March. And now, after only two visits, it’s well on the way to being my favorite place in Seattle.

It’s shelves are full of antique books and it has a beautiful wood and marble bar lit by old fashioned, glass-shaded library lamps. Basically, the perfect place for having a glass of wine, reading a book – which I did while waiting for my friend to arrive – or sitting and visiting with people. Tonight, a friend and I shared a wedge of baked brie with honey, raspberry jam and crackers while we caught up on what the other was up to this week. I wish I had a picture of the brie, but it was so good that we were snacking away before I even thought to take one.

Either way, the company was amazing, the food was tasty and it was the perfect way to finish off my Wednesday.



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