Reading Cures Pretty Much Everything

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Day 58

Although I really loved running the 5K, my left foot didn’t. Since Saturday night, I’ve been hobbling around our apartment like a Quasimodo minus the hunch. My (and my fam’s) best guess is that my feet just aren’t used to running outside and probably didn’t have enough arch support from my old pair of sneakers, so I’m doing my best to stay off my foot. Despite being at home a lot, this is surprisingly hard to do.

To distract myself from being mobile, I spent a good portion of the morning mapping out future blog posts and reading the book above. I read the first in the series on a cross-country train trip from Massachusetts to Seattle a couple of years ago and it was fantastic read. Although this is targeted towards older teenagers, there’s a lot on offer for adults, too – especially given how original the format is with mixing vintage, bizarre photographs within the plot.

Lucky for me, the sequel is just as good. With an afternoon of reading, I’m just about halfway through and I’ll probably finish tomorrow. Although I’m sad about my foot, it was a definite happiness boost to be able to spend a day reading, writing and snuggling with the Winston.

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