Friends, Orange Juice Machines and Winston!

week 8 tuesday

Day 52

Sadly, I wasn’t able to see, or get a picture of, the blood moon last night but on the up side, I think I’ll have another three chances to see an eclipse this year which is pretty spectacular. I’m really hoping the next one is on a clear night but in Washington, you never know.

In all the kerfluffle over watching for the eclipse, I forgot to mention yesterday that the cilantro seeds I planted sprouted! Apparently Josh noticed first last week, but forgot to mention it during our marathon of a weekend. When I first noticed yesterday afternoon, I gasped out loud. I was honestly starting to think that I’d have to throw the whole bunch out because nothing was growing. Instead, I gleefully carried them outside, took them out of their little makeshift ziplock greenhouses and set them up on our patio table to get a little extra heat and sunshine. I was so excited, spritzed them with a little water to keep them from drying out and went back inside to finish working on a blog post. Five hours and a sunset later, the tiny sprouts were less than happy and, if plants can think, were probably thinking I’d abandoned them to the elements.

I quickly scooped them back into their separate baggies, but I’m pretty sure the damage is done. I’m hanging on to them on the off chance that the little green things are resilient, but I’m guessing I probably killed them. For now, I think we’ll focus on watering our surviving houseplants and perhaps purchasing some starter herbs for an herb garden rather than dreaming big farming dreams.

In other news, Josh and I met up with a friend at Il Bistro in downtown Seattle. We got super cheap happy hour pizza and appetizers and just had fun chatting. Our friend works at Google and her and Josh were discussing the different perks of their jobs when we discovered the trump card of all trump cards – an orange juice machine. This sounds simple but it’s not. This machine has a container at the top full of fresh, maybe-not-even-touched by human hands oranges that are then funneled down and squeezed into juice. Apparently, Google’s machine can fit eight whole oranges into a single glass. Josh decided, as much as he likes caffein, that the orange juice machine might top fresh coffee. As cool as it would be to watch the machine squeeze eight oranges into a glass, I’m still solidly on the side of coffee.

For me, happiness in the morning really is like a Folger’s commercial. Without it, I want to get out of my cozy bed almost as much as Winston wants to get up from a self-declared napping afternoon…


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