Waiting for the Eclipse!

week 8 monday

Day 51

Today it was absolutely gorgeous – like July in April, 70 degrees gorgeous. I had the door to the porch open for most of the afternoon, once the construction died down, and it was perfect. Unfortunately though, the clouds started to roll in this evening and I think we might not be able to catch the eclipse I’m on watch for. (Josh and I have an agreement that I will wake him up if we luck out on the cloud situation and in turn, he will make me coffee in the morning.)

The last time we were watching an eclipse, we lived in Amherst, MA. I can’t remember what month it was, but it was freezing outside. In fact, there may have even been snow on the ground but I’m not sure. Either way, we bundled up in warm, fleecy winter jackets, hats, gloves and dragged some blankets out to the tiny porch in front of our apartment. We stayed up until the small, small hours of the morning – drinking hot cocoa and trying to decide if the moon looked any darker. By the time the eclipse started to actually happen, the sky had clouded over and I couldn’t feel my nose.

Although we’re being a bit more practical this time around, there’s still something magical about seeing such a rare event. At the moment, it looks like the clouds are staying put but maybe by tomorrow morning I’ll have a picture of the red moon to post!


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