My Sister Passed the Bar Exam!!!

week 7 friday

Day 48

Appropriately for Sibling Day (yesterday), my amazingly hard working and smart sister found out that she passed the bar exam!!! And by passed, I mean she finished many points ahead of what she needed for a pass. So, as far as the lawyering world is concerned, that counts as flying colors – especially as Washington is listed in the top three 0f hardest bar exams in the US! I’m pretty sure the entire family is on the phone bragging about her from one coast to another (as we all should be.) In fact, I think Josh told people at work and here I am telling strangers. It’s a pretty amazing thing to see someone work so hard and watch it pay off so well. I can’t believe that the week after next we get to go watch her being sworn in!

To celebrate, she drove out and we went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant down the street which was amazing. Basically, they reduce the price of their whole menu by about three dollars and serve everything as a lunch option. It was fantastic. After that, Winston joined in the celebration and my sister bravely held the squirming pup on her lap as I drove to the dog park. He was a little stinky in the car which may have (allegedly – if anyone asks) led me to speed a bit. Either way, he had a blast and, although my sister was slimed by many random dogs, we had fun, too. By the time he was done running and eating dirt, he almost as exhausted as my sister.

After finding out her results, she was too excited to sleep (this happened on many Christmas Eves as kids) and ended up staying awake half the night watching Frozen. But despite not sleeping, she was awake and ready to tackle the world this morning.

I think a lot of the time, we mistake happiness for what is easy and that’s just not true. Happiness is accomplishing what my sister just did – slogging through all the late night papers, slew of exams, studying through the summer to graduate early, working on bar prep for ten hours a day over a ten week period – to come out with a pass on the other side. As much as being in the moment is good for happiness, so is working hard. And my sister oh-so-totally earned her slice of happiness.


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