Eyes, jalapeños, birdnests and more!

week 7 monday 3

week 7 monday 1week 7 monday 2   Day 44

For a Monday, today flew by. By the time we were able to sit down and eat dinner, it was past 8:00.

Tonight, Josh made us delicious pasta with sausage, onions and jalapeños. It was an odd mix, but really, really tasty.

Unfortunately, despite washing his hands super thoroughly TWICE, he managed to get jalapeño juice in his eyes. We think the oil must have soaked into his skin because the next thing we knew, he couldn’t see!

For a few minutes, I tried to help him rinse it out with water, but it wasn’t working. When I was in high school, though, I was a swimmer and we all had to deal with irritated, itchy scratchy eyes from the chlorine and one of the remedies I found was rinsing my eyes with milk.

I also remembered that milk also helps neutralize the acid when you eat spicy stuff, so I thought maybe it was worth a shot. So, I grabbed our carton of half and half and we rinsed his eyes with it for about five minutes.

Luckily, it worked! After a couple more minutes and some half and half all over the bathroom counter (because the cat used the tub as a toilet), his eyes were much better. So, it was either the fact that we kept rinsing them, the milk, or both.

But if you’re ever in that situation, a pro tip is to use a cup – bring the cup up to your eye, tilt your head back and blink into whatever you’re using to rinse your eye with. Rather than dripping down your face, it generally stays in your eyes – which is where you want it. And repeat, repeat, repeat.

So tonight – happiness is helping your husband not have burning eyes; it’s just that simple. Earlier today though, I found a crazy bird’s nest, some beautiful flowers and Winston winked at his toothbrush. Not too shabby for a Monday.


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