Furry Friends Are Not Just Vacuums

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 4.31.01 PM

Day 41

See that tiny, blurred dandelion in the corner of the picture? Winston has decided that those are Winston food. Now, with spring in full spring-ness, he runs from one edge of the sidewalk to the other in his best effort to cram as many dandelions in his mouth as he can possibly get. Fortunately for his health, Josh and I have gotten adept at spotting and removing those golden, slobbery petals. To be fair, this new obsession is not a surprise.

Throughout his short life, he’s tried to eat (and occasionally ate) a variety of non-edible things – pebbles, larger rocks, our bookshelves, pajama pants and the cat’s tail. You can probably guess (or at least take bets) on which one hurt the most. Nothing gets between Winston and shoveling things in his mouth. We hope this is something the furry one will grow out of, but who knows. In the meantime, we keep a weathered eye or two on the Winston.

This little bucket of fur reminds me on a regular basis that, unless it’s pouring down rain, the best things in life are usually a day full of the following options:

1. A nap in the sun.
2. A walk outside.
3. Reading a book (ok, floor crunchie for Winston.)

None of those things need involve my computer or the internet. If I had to give myself a grade this week for giving up technology – I’d probably be generous in giving myself a C. Although I’ve stopped browsing on my phone, it is more difficult to give up browsing on the big screen. Even with cutting back a little, though, I have read more books, applied to more jobs (thus the screen time) and had many longer than usual Winston walks.

Having a dog is really hard work and a lot of the time involves sore fingers from digging out those dandelion or daffodil petals. But in a weird way, those little four legged creatures are pretty good at helping me remember what actually makes me happy.


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