A Guest Post From The Husband: Happiness On Wheels

week 5 sunday 1

Day 38

Hi there, this is Husband reporting in. I asked Melissa if I could do a guest post this week and she happily obliged so here it is!

When I was a kid, I would ride my bike up and down the street pretending that I was James Bond driving his Aston Martin chasing down, or being chased by bad guys. While I might not have had Q around to equip my bike with real missiles or oil slicks, I was content to pretend that the various bolts holding my brakes and shifters together would release a torrent of projectiles on my pursuers. Naturally, to outpace anyone that got on my tail I would have to shift up to “007 Speed” and pedal as fast as I could down the road because the rocket boosters only kick in once you’re going a certain speed. And as a kid, there was nothing like that first day you’re able to take your bike out of the garage and pedal down the street without worrying about salt/sand/snow banks/snow men/snow plows and only worrying about outrunning those SPECTRE agents. 

These days I venture a lot farther from home than the ¼ mile strip of road that was the setting of my many chase scenes. My goal this summer is to complete the Seattle to Portland (STP) ride in one day. A lofty goal sure, but I’ve already met some folks to help me train and possibly ride with me on the big day. It may be (slightly) more structured than riding of my secret agent past, but every mile I ride is (generally) a happy mile. And while I try to follow set routes, sometimes you really just want to see what’s “over that way a bit”. And sometimes “a bit” becomes ten miles…or twenty…

I’m still looking for a local shop to install some rocket boosters though, so if anyone knows a place I’d be happy to hear about it!


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