Turn Your *insert choice device here* Off

week 6 monday

Day 37

Today has been extremely busy – so busy, in fact, that Josh suggested I write a haiku as a post. Because I’m too tired to count syllables (or spell it either, judging by the three minutes it took me to give up just now and use spell check), I’m working on a short post instead. Anyway. Despite the busyness, we had another beautiful, albeit partly cloudy, spring day. It was perfect for strolling around outside and admiring the tiny flowers that have been so busy growing, growing growing these last few weeks. I may have only had 15 minutes to do that, but I enjoyed it (and so did the Winston!)

Speaking of weeks, this week I’m going to experiment with, for lack of a better term at the moment, active leisure. This means lots of reading, writing, baking, walking, crafting and maybe I’ll throw in some book review writing, too. Basically, no TV, movies,  internet (with the exception of checking email and this blog) or browsing on my phone – nada. The average American spends roughly 34 hours a week watching television and (depending on how they’ve gathered their data) another 35 hours on their various electronic devices. Each of those is almost a full time job people; combined you’re probably an investment banker or a lawyer.

Either way, I would rather have those hours back to do something, anything more meaningful than catching up on Facebook or scouring Netflix for a new show to watch (like we need another!). So I’m giving it up, cold turkey and putting my electronic, internet bound foot down. Wish me luck!


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