Sounders, Cherry Blossoms and Neighborhoods!

week 5 sunday 5week 5 sunday 3week 5 sunday 2 Day 36

We had such a fun time last night at the Sounders game! This is the first time I’ve watched a professional soccer match and I think I’m now ruined for watching any other sport live. Rather than long waits between plays like in baseball or football, the Sounders game moved so quick sometimes I didn’t even realize that they had paused and restarted. Although we lost after overtime, (by just one point!) everyone had a great time and we hope we get to go again. As to our newly acquired Sounders gear, my sister commented this morning that I looked like Harry Potter that had put on the wrong colored scarf, which cracked me up because I had specifically bought my scarf because it reminded me of the Harry Potter scarves. Now I’m wondering if it’s targeted to Potter fans,

After a pretty late night, we got up early and took the Winston on a super, 4 mile long walk through the surrounding neighborhoods. First, we stopped by the farmer’s market and they were selling tons of beautiful, daffodils. They’ve been coming up in earnest the last few weeks and they had buckets and buckets of them. After that, we strolled down to a local coffee shop and got a morning coffee for a walk and then just walked for the next couple of hours. After being in his crate for so long yesterday, Winston was glad to stretch his legs and we were grateful for the beautiful weather.

We discovered a new park and Josh showed me parts of the bike route he created to train for the Seattle to Portland ride he’s signed up for this summer. Everyone was out and about enjoying the sunshine after the last few rainy days and we had a blast looking at all of the eclectic houses in our neighborhood. By the time we got home two hours later, we were all tired and took naps. All in all, a wonderful way to end the weekend!

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