Go Sounders!

week 5 saturday Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 2.57.45 PMDay 35

This has been a wonderfully slow day full of reading and relaxing with the cat. It rained all morning long, but finally stopped about two hours ago and we were able to take Winston on a nice long walk. As you can see, he stopped to smell the flowers. Occasionally, ok all the time, he tries to eat them rather than just sniffing and moving on. If he had his choice, there wouldn’t be a daffodil left in the neighborhood; they just smell too good.

After a rough week, Theo seems to be doing a lot better. We had to put him on more pills this week and some special food for his digestion issues but he’s been able to keep it in which is good news! He’s spent most of the day happily curled up with me while I read my book.

And, for the first time Josh and I are going to a soccer game! He was able to get free tickets from his work for boxed seats – including free food! We are heading there early to try and avoid the craziness that is Seattle sports lately. We’re taking the bus, too, to avoid parking and ridiculous traffic. Hopefully it all goes smoothly!

So today, as usual, there’s lots to be grateful for. From my husband, to the cat feeling better, Winston sniffing the spring flowers and going on a new adventure!


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