Grateful for the Small Things

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week 5 friday 2

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week 5 fridayDay 34

Within five minutes of waking up this morning the cat was sick, the dog got into the litter box and the the cat jumped up on the counter to forage for the pill pockets I’d gotten ready the night before – then proceeded to pick them apart to get rid of the pills and ate the tasty chicken flavored bits instead. I suppose I can’t really blame him. If someone were hiding pills in my food, I’d be suspicious too. Thankfully, I missed stepping in a very unpleasant mess our cat also left us in the bathroom. THAT would have been a much worse start to the day. But either way, by the time I got around to drinking a cup of coffee I was extra grateful for the caffeine.

Poor Josh had an equally rough go – including forgetting his breakfast in the fridge and getting soaked with rain on the way to the bus. However, he did leave with the right shoes on this time. Last week, he got all the way to the bus stop before he realized he was wearing his normal kick around shoes rather than his dress shoes. Fast guy that he is though, he was able to run back, change and still make it to work early.

Even though Friday is normally a pretty good mood boost in and of itself, we needed a little extra something to shake the rain-induced blahs we were feeling. So, I made nachos for dinner which cheered us up and then we took Winston to Puppy Playtime. The name makes it sound like some kind of extra special thing for dogs, but it’s actually just a time to play with other puppies so they get socialized. It’s been a few weeks since Winston’s gone (because of the whole Cone of Shame thing), but he had a good time and as usual cracked us up with his crazy Boston Terrier antics.

By the time we finished, the sun had come out so we took a short walk around the neighborhood to drain a little bit more of his energy off and it was glorious. It really is the small things in life that make the biggest difference. Getting my morning coffee, convincing myself to go for a run, Josh playing with the dog so that I can take some time out and write this post, cooking nachos for dinner while listening to music. After a month, I’m thoroughly convinced that one, if I take the time to notice the small things my day (normally) gets a thousand times better. Two, the tiny happy moments make the world go round.


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