16,355 Words

Week 5 Wednesday

Day 32

Writing and I have a love, love, abandon relationship that I think most writers can relate to. Kind of like exercising or taking my vitamins, it’s easy to go all in for a few days and then one day, I forget to make it to the gym or take that multivitamin. And it’s no big deal – I’ll just pick up where I left off tomorrow. Sure, I feel a little guilty at first but as the weeks go by and my gym clothes sit at the back of the closet gathering dust, the guilt fades away – as bleached of color as last year’s lawn decorations. Now, instead of those kooky plastic pink flamingos, I’m left with ghost flamingos or, really, a jar full of vitamins that I’ve failed to take.

Writing is even easier to give up than exercise (I know, I’ve given up both before.) Unlike the gym, the results aren’t always tangible. If I write every day, I can’t suddenly write a page of text faster than I used to like getting faster at running a mile. However, for the past 32 days I have shown up and written a short essay or post every day. That amounts to 16,355 words. That equals roughly 4,000 words per week and almost 600 words per day. It’s not Stephen King but it’s not too shabby either. In fact, according to the powers that be, I’ve written the length of a children’s chapter book. If I can do that here? I can totally write that actual children’s book I’ve been thinking about and I’m only a 1/3 of the way through this blogging/happiness project.

So today, I’m grateful that I’ve stuck with writing this crazy thing. And thank you out there for motivating me to show up.


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