Some Days Aren’t Awesome (and that’s ok)

week 5 tuesday 1

Day 31

Winston’s expression is exactly how excited he gets when someone gives him peanut butter. Basically, an axe murder could come barging into our apartment and if he or she happened to have peanut butter on hand, we would be toast. In case you are wondering, his favorite way to consume peanut butter is a la toy in his dog home – though I suppose if he figured out a way to open the jar, he’d be just as thrilled. Winston is easy to please – throw his ringy, hold the rawhide still while he gnaws and permit him the occasional sock to chew on and that’s his most favorite day. People are more complicated.

For some reason, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and stayed that way the entire day. All morning, I went through my to-do list in spite of my mood thinking if I could check some things off, I’d feel better. By 10:00 I had cleaned the kitchen, started baking two loaves of sourdough bread, did a couple loads of laundry and went for a two mile run. TWO MILES. That’s a long way for me, people. Normally, that’s a fail-safe and it snaps me out of it. Nope. This horrible, Eeyore of a cloud mood continued to plague me. Even worse, I had to go grocery shopping.

This afternoon, I dragged myself to the local Trader Joe’s and fought through hoards of post-school families while loading my basket with the usuals and then some. Between the huge cluster of bananas, bags of frozen fruit and a large bottle of olive oil, it probably weighed as much as a one of those small, seaweed-snacking children roaming wild in the store. Between dodging overflowing carts pushed by frazzled parents and revising my grocery list based on which items were still in stock so late in the day, I probably jogged another two miles. After making the basket as physically heavy as possible and managing to snatch the last bag of Spicy Chips, I joined the fray of getting to a checkout stand. Even offering the person behind me (she only had two things) the place in front of me, did not cheer me up. And that’s ok.

Some days stink for no reason at all. So today I’m just grateful that there’s tomorrow (and that Winston makes that face when he gets peanut butter.)


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