Horrible, No Good, Very Bad etc.


Day 28 

So tonight, we are having a few friends over for dinner and I decided it would be a great chance to cross off making ravioli. I spent all day making the dough, rolling out the dough, cutting out tiny ravioli squares, making the sweet potato ricotta filling….Basically, I did everything but harvest the wheat and grow the sweet potatoes. This morning, Josh went on a fifty mile bike ride and came back to help me fill all the tiny squares. We were racing against the clock and as we finally finished, we had two hours to spare for actually cooking the ravioli, sauce-making and getting ourselves semi-presentable. The ravioli were a little odd looking, but I decided the taste would probably make up for it. 

We started to pick them up off the kitchen table and realized they were basically glued to the table top from the water and flour. Eighty ravioli stuck to the kitchen table. In case that doesn’t seem like a huge number, eighty ravioli was the better part of a five pound bag of flour and a carton of eggs. I won’t lie, I cried. I cursed the kitchen-gods and was getting ready to scrape them up and  throw them away when Josh, very sensibly, unilaterally decided to save them for our lunch tomorrow. We managed to pry them off the table (I think my salt-tears helped) and threw them in tupperware. He then ran to the store to buy some pasta while I cleaned up the disaster-zone our kitchen area had become. 

I was in a foul mood, Josh was in a foul mood – my entire arms hurt from spending an entire morning and afternoon rolling out pasta dough and I was upset I hadn’t been able to post on my blog yet. Then, as I was throwing dishes in the dishwasher I managed to squirt my only clean shirt with dish soap. I cursed again. Josh took over dishes while I rinsed the soap out. Now, this is the best part of the story. 

We own a Nutribullet – it’s a machine with very sharp blades that helps you make smoothies. Josh drinks one every morning as part of his breakfast and sometimes leaves them half-finished, with the lid on, in the sink. Well, this one had been in the sink for a few days because I couldn’t get the top off and I finally decided it was Josh’s dish and he could wash it. 

So, he got around to washing it just after I changed my shirt. He twisted the cap off and BANG! semi-fermented shake went everywhere. 

“Are you ok?!” yelled Josh.

“I think so… ugh, now it smells like vinegar and gross vegetables in here! My shirt took a hit!” 

“I should have known it could have caused an explosion! That was so cool! I think I have tinnitus.” 

We then spent the next five minutes laughing. Sometimes, it’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back. If I’m lucky, the straw makes me laugh.  


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