Wild Yeasties and Secret Messages

week 4 dog

Day 25

Like yesterday, today involved a few ongoing projects.

First, I’ve continued to feed my Bread Pets. Until I have a viable yeast starter, I feed them twice a day – ½ cup tepid water and a whole cup of flour. If you attempt to make a sourdough starter on your own, keep in mind that they smell. And by smell, I mean have you ever dumped out a vase of flowers after they’ve died and there’s that grey green water floating around at the bottom of the vase? That is almost exactly what it smells like every time I open those bowls to give them their food. It’s a super gross, swampy smell. I’m wrinkling my nose just thinking about it.

Of course, this is my first time making a starter and I could be doing it wrong, so proceed at your own risk. If they still smell like that by the time I’m supposed to use them to bake bread, I’ll make sure I’m not poisoning us first and will consult a local bakery.

Second, I wrote a letter in code and in invisible ink. After about fifteen minutes of researching invisible ink and not wanting to A. spend ten dollars on a special black light pen or B. set the piece of paper on fire (seriously, it could happen with some of these!), I finally settled on the old lemon juice trick. It may not be invisible by the time it makes it to the friends I’m sending it to but it’s the thought, right? Next, I researched codes and  I found some pretty cool ones, including one called Pig Pen. To create that code, fence in letters of the alphabet and use the different shapes the “fence” makes for each corresponding letter.

After some more research, though, I settled on a cipher that was a little more complicated. To start, I wrote out what I wanted to say and left two lines between each line of plain text so I had space to write out the code beneath. Despite having the key in front of me and writing a very short letter, it took forever to encrypt. And by forever, I mean about half an hour. Chances are, there’s a website that would do this for me, but that’s beside the point, and I had so much fun translating my little letter.

I highly recommend doing a childish activity. The enjoyment is well-worth the minimal effort it takes to do something as silly as writing a letter in invisible ink or coloring in a coloring book.

Although I’m not always posting at the same time and, frankly, the posts seem to be getting later, I’m still really enjoying the 100 Happy Days Challenge. In the middle of the fourth week, I can say for sure that I’ve seen an improvement in appreciating the small things more and taking the annoying bits less seriously. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have something a little earlier!


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