A Week in Reverse

week 3 sunday

Day 22

This past week was extraordinarily slow and I think it’s because of Daylight Savings. In the evenings, the hours snuck up on us, the sun was out and it was like May instead of March. I’m starting to wonder if Josh and I are having issues adjusting this year because we’re at a higher latitude and it stays light longer here than it does in Massachusetts or, maybe we’re just getting old.

Either way, it was a good week for exploring the connection between happy and healthy. With the beautiful weather, we made meals normally reserved for summer and were able to go on a long (for me) bike ride together.  And yesterday, Josh went on a fifty-mile bike ride in training for the Seattle to Portland ride in July. He’s a little sore this morning but soon will be an even more lean, mean (ok, super nice) bicycling machine.

I did try out the Zombies, Run! app and I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. I used it indoors on a treadmill but I’ve heard from friends that it’s much more accurate, as far as speed, if you use it running outdoors. Personally, I think I’d get too caught up in listening to the story and hit a parking meter – which I’ve managed to do before while walking – so I’ll stick to the treadmill.

Whether or not it’s entirely accurate indoors, it does a good job of triggering your fight or flight response; hearing a zombie breathing in my ear was definitely motivation for speeding up. In fact, if I were an outdoor runner, I’d probably only want to run in broad daylight – for safety and to avoid looking like a crazy person as I’d definitely run glancing over my shoulder looking for zombies.

In other happenings, by chance I met an amazing older couple at the bakery earlier this week. This particular bakery is always crowded, but I managed to get the only free table right as my order came up. A few minutes later, this couple came in and I offered to share the space. As they split a croissant and coffee, they told me they had been married sixty-five years and “shared everything.” The wife declared all that sharing was “water under the bridge!” and for the next forty-five minutes, told me all about their travels, their children and grandchildren and that twenty-six was a good age to be. He had macular degeneration and couldn’t see any longer, so she was his “driver for the last twelve years” and they left me with their number and an offer to have me over for lunch. “It’s the first time I’ve ever invited a stranger over for a meal!” she said and her husband said, “Well, she’s not a stranger anymore!” It was like meeting characters from a movie. I hope Josh and I are that awesome in sixty-five years.

Here’s to keeping our mental faculties intact and sharing everything – looks like it’s good for us.

In case you missed a post….

The Week in Review

Monday: I wrote about how we were finally able to spend some time outside and soak up some grey, Washington sunshine.

Tuesday: I talked about the importance of getting a little bit of exercise each day; it seriously improves your mood.

Wednesday: I discussed my long history of cooking malfunctions and how being able to make healthy recipes is totally worth sacrificing a few pieces of kitchen gear to achieve.

Thursday: My lazy, sunny day full of pictures from the week.

Friday: I discussed the importance of sleep and the link to happiness. No screens for the win!

Saturday: Occasionally being unhealthy makes us happy too, and that’s a-ok. Also, pie is great.


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