Blueberry, Raspberry, Lemon, Apple…

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Pie is not my first choice as a dessert. When we were planning our wedding, I would run across posts about how the couple had chosen a variety of pies instead of cake and I would wonder why. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for eating what you want (especially at your wedding!) I just thought pies were a little runny and full of mushy fruit. Something about the texture was always slightly slimy. Blech.

I’d have the obligatory piece at the annual Fourth of July picnic or at a friend’s barbeque and those were normally decent, but I’d never gone out of my way to make my own. Turns out, either I hadn’t been eating very good pies or my taste buds were still developing. This summer I’ll probably be baking one for everyone within my general vicinity. Is that weird? It might be weird.

Earlier this week, Josh and I celebrated his work-related victory (a raise and a bonus!) with a summer dinner. If you live in Seattle, or follow my blog, you’ll know the past few days have been particularly kind weather-wise, so I was ready to do some cooking normally reserved for August.

We had burgers on pretzel buns, sweet potato lime garlic fries, a baked blooming onion – because I can only imagine me trying to deep fry would end up like an episode of Arrested Development involving the corn-baller machine – and pie. Glorious, glorious pie.

I settled on pie because with everything else I was throwing together pie was the dessert of least resistance. I used this recipe over here. Not only was it the easiest dessert I’ve ever made, the pie was also not runny or slimy. The crust was crispy and didn’t stick to the bottom of the dish in a gluey mess. The next day, it still wasn’t runny and we could cut slices with almost as much ease as a cheesecake. After my poor pie experiences, I want to give this recipe a cape, a gold medal and a blue ribbon.

In fact, I am enjoying a slice right now as I write this post.

After almost a full week of talking about how being healthy makes me happy, I’d also like to note that being unhealthy makes me happy, too. I mean, pie isn’t too unhealthy – there’s fruit in there! Sure, maybe it’s in the same way a glass of wine is full of fruit, but still. Sometimes a little sugar is the best option for cheering me up because it’s almost impossible to be upset and eating dessert at the same time. Although, I did manage this when I was a kid in line for the Jurassic Park ride. We had waited in line for hours and I was getting more and more nervous about this crazy ride and my parents tried to bribe me with ice cream and I actually refused. I think that’s the only time in my life I’ve turned down a cone, and then I was upset about the ride and that I didn’t have ice cream. So don’t be stingy, eat a little dessert.


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