The Photo Update

Day 19

Sometimes, we all need a day away and today was a good excuse. It was bright, sunny and spring-ish in Seattle and when the sun appears after months of rain, I become a happy slacker. In the stead of a poorly written, potentially mistake-riddled post, I’ve culled some pictures from our week that have made us particularly cheerful.

week 3 sunset

This is the sunset from our roof yesterday evening looking toward the Olympic Mountains across the Sound.

week 3 pepper

We found this tiny green baby pepper hiding out inside the red one. Almost as cool as that time we came back from vacation and found that an onion had sprouted a two-foot tall green tentacle leaf!

week 3 cat

Our cat in his new favorite napping spot.

week 3 pie

Blueberry pie. It was as delicious as it looks.

Week 3 fire

We have a fire pit on the roof of our apartment building and we use it all the time. I can’t wait until it’s smores weather!

I will be back tomorrow with a full post!


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