Here Comes the Sun



Day 16

It rained a ton last night and everyone here slept horribly. Not because of the rain, but because of Daylight Savings – for you naysayers, this doesn’t make me love it any less! Not a good way to start looking at the connection between happiness and health but c’est la vie.

I know, I know. I mention health and I  shudder, immediately reminded of gym class, biology and middle school. Presidential Fitness Test, anyone?  But science has proven that just seven minutes of exercise is enough to lift your mood. That being outside (if you aren’t drowning in rain or freezing in the Vortex) for just twenty minutes is also a mood improver and so is getting an adequate amount of sleep. (I’m hoping the rest of the week will be a bit better on the sleep front.)

With this week’s happiness instigator in mind, yesterday Josh and I went outside (together) for the first time in two days. This sounds horrible until I explain that we couldn’t leave because Winston wasn’t well enough to go in his crate until yesterday. We don’t trust him to stay out of trouble if he’s not supervised and proof in point, we tried Saturday and he started distress-gnawing on a dresser. In the few months he’s been with us, he has actually gnawed on quite a few things – our bookcases, our chairs, a wing-backed chair and a small, hardly noticeable corner of our couch. Despite our Mad-eye Moody Constant Vigilance, he’s managed to teeth-mark most of the possessions that he can sink his puppy fangs in.

To test whether he was able to be comfy in his crate, we staked out our back deck with the door open to the spring breeze listening for the slightest Winston-shuffle-shuffle-whine. For March, though, it was nice outside even with that semi-bizarre white light you get in Washington when the sun is trying it’s hardest to break through the clouds. It may sound painful on the eyes, but it was glorious. We chatted, we read, we started planning our garden and discussed the merits of bench seats and vertical planters as ways to save space. Josh hopped up on the cement planter to check out the other decks on either side and we discovered almost everyone has planters (hurrah!). So now we just need to do our due diligence and actually ask at the front desk.

With nary a peep from Winston, who was fast asleep in his crate, we strolled over to the Junction and bought some Girl Scout cookies and then wandered over to Cupcake Royale and sipped cappuccinos outside. We just relaxed like we were on a mini-vacation. We people-watched, I wrote short lists about what we want in our garden, we discussed the book Josh just finished – Triumph of the City by Edward Glaeser. For someone who spent a whole post writing about how she didn’t like Sundays, yesterday afternoon was pretty fantastic. Here’s to the rest of the week; with more days worthy of outside living!


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