The Sleeping House

1 josh  Day 15

1 theo1 winstonIt’s official – Daylight Savings has happened in most places in the US! At some point in the night, the digital clock fairies came and made sure we were all aware we had slept in. I would have slept more, but I fell asleep last night around ten o’ clock watching Archer and snuggling with the puppy so I was bright eyed very early this morning.

Yesterday, as I was leaving the house to buy Benadryl for the dog, I saw some new neighbors moving in to an apartment upstairs. We’ve moved so many times that I automatically feel a ping of empathy whenever I see someone unloading cardboard boxes.

Generally, I shy away from introducing myself to strangers simply because I’m awful at making small talk. But, remembering my attempt at being kinder this week, I let them know that if they needed anything, my husband and I lived on the first floor. And, as I’m sure everyone here can commiserate, you’ve never known desperation until you can’t locate that tool kit / light bulb/ corkscrew/ forks /coffee maker and are racking your brain to remember if it’s in that first box you shoved in the UHaul or if you gave it away. Also, where are the cups?

They introduced themselves in return and were very thankful for the offer. They didn’t stop by last night, so chances are they’re experienced movers and more organized than average (average: see us), but I’m sure we’ll see them around the building.

It sounds silly to write this, but somewhere along the way I’d forgotten how good it feels to just go around being kind to people and giving them the benefit of the doubt. I think kindness is something that I was taking for granted. I like to think I’m kind, but I wasn’t acting on it as often as I could when really, it’s one of the easiest things to do to boost my own happiness and the happiness of those around me. I say it’s one of the easiest because most often, the kindness that has the most impact isn’t a grand gesture; it’s something simple like keeping my mouth closed (i.e. if you don’t have anything nice – and I would add “ or helpful” – to say, don’t say anything at all).

I’m looking forward to this next week and keeping this happiness ball rolling.

In case you missed a post… 

The Week in Review

Monday: I wrote about Random Acts of Kindness and how cookies can totally make someone’s Monday better. RAK is also a bonafide foundation! You can find more information about them here.

Tuesday: Murphy’s Law. It happens. In case you want to attempt to make your own working pinecone bird feeder, I wish you the best.

Wednesday: I reblogged a really inspirational post – from this cool blog – about one best friend fundraising for the other.

Thursday: I discussed self-kindness as trying new things. This weekend, I sat down and wrote a lengthy list, in no particular order, of some of the things I want to do and learn. It was inspired from this awesome blog over here.

Friday: I wrote about the importance of being kind to family even when they’re driving you up the wall. Learn to love (or at least try to appreciate) the ones you’re with.

Saturday: I thought about how sometimes the kindest thing I can do for myself, or others, is also the most difficult. Sometimes it’s necessary to be hard on myself in the present in order to be happy in the future.


2 thoughts on “The Sleeping House

  1. We haven’t had Daylight Saving yet (it’s 30th March for us), but I’m looking forward to more light. You’re right, the smaller kindnesses are often the most important ones. Love your list, and glad that mine inspired yours! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Liz! I’ll correct that in my blog, I don’t mean to sound so US-centric : ] Yours was a wonderful list as well – I don’t think I’d have written mine without seeing yours. Hope March 30th gets there fast for you!


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