The Cone of Shame Edition

Cone Dog


Day 14

Yesterday, we took Winston to get neutered and microchipped. I know that it’s the responsible thing to do, but I feel horrible for the guy. He’s just standing in his cone looking up at us like “What did I ever do to deserve this plastic prison?! Please, please, please take it off, please!!” He flinches and barks whenever it touches the ground, almost exclusively stands still as though he’s worried he’s in some kind of plastic box (I think this has to do with seeing the cone in his peripheral vision) and tries really hard with both paws the push the thing off his head. It’s just sad.

The vet is across the street, so it wasn’t a hassle to have him there by eight in the morning. Also, Winston LOVES the vet. He loses his little puppy mind because so many of his favorite people are in the same place. I have never seen a dog that likes people more than Winston and I’ve never seen more people that love a dog. I may be biased, but seriously. He’s our building manager’s favorite and told his family about him over dinner, the lady that sells the Spare Change newspaper greets him like an old friend, he’s the Petco staff’s favorite and gets free treats on a regular basis. Everyone that has met our dog, loves him.

So, we took him in, the vet checked him over and we signed some paperwork and then he was off. When we finally got him back around 4:00, he was miserable. Still trying his hardest to say hello to everyone in the front office, including a sick cat, but totally miserable. And at home, he was miserable and crying. At first, we thought he was in pain. He was just standing still in the middle of our apartment making huffing noises. I fed him some kibble though and he perked up, made sure he wasn’t going to throw it all up and then I gave him his pain pill. Once the food and pill were done though, he was back to crying.

He’s still upset this morning, but is closer to his usual self. He’s not running around – still in what he thinks is a plastic prison – but he was as happy as ever to wake up and say hello to his people.

I guess the point of this is to say that sometimes the kindest thing I can do for myself, or others, is also the most difficult. Choosing to be happy isn’t always easy and often involves taking care of the annoying (and sometimes painful) stuff in the present to be happy in the future.

We eventually want to buy a house, so that means when we want to go out for Happy Hour nachos every day, we need to remember to choose the future craftsman home with built in bookshelves over delicious, delicious nachos. (This is a constant battle and if you don’t understand, you’ve never had the nachos at the Matador.) Choosing future happiness means planning, sticking to a budget, flossing, taking myself to the dentist, exercising, staying on track with my goals, applying for yet another job, and sometimes – trust me, I know – surgery. Ugh. I dislike some of those things more than Winston dislikes being in his cone. But you know what? Winston and I will both be happier and healthier in the long run if I take care of those ugh things. I’m worth it and so is my family.


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