Urban Gardening and Self-Kindness

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Day 12

I know a lot of people get upset over Daylight Savings and the whole “losing an hour” thing. And, while I know I probably won’t change anyone’s mind, I love rolling that clock forward more than chocolate. Sure, the ground is so saturated with rain it resembles the soggy consistency of Frosted Wheaties, it’s freezing and, if you live outside the Pacific Northwest, it’s below freezing in the Polar Vortex. But losing an hour means that spring has sprung, people! Forget the groundhog, March 9th is the harbinger of long spring days!

With spring in mind, I’m starting to think about planning a tiny, urban garden. We have a small back deck with some shrubs and a weird thorny tree and I’d like to spruce it up with some actual flowers and cooking herbs (along with some purchased birdfeeders). On the plus side, if I started planting things now, I wouldn’t have to water them until June. On the downside, they’d all drown. Instead of going straight outside, I’m going to take the risk of plant-death by pet, and get some seed starters and try to grow them in the tiny pots like we all did in preschool. And, tiny flowers and herbs definitely brighten up our lives and our food.

When Josh and I lived in Amherst, he had two small basil plants – about five to six inches high. Six months later, they were four feet tall – they were practically basil trees. We felt super fancy being able to have fresh basil on hand for pastas, grilled cheeses and salads – it was delicious. Hopefully we’ll be able to replicate that success here with more herbs. I’m making that rosemary bread a lot lately and I can almost always put fresh cilantro in something….[insert long dream-list of tasty herbs.]

Sometimes, being kind to myself means encouraging myself to do something new. I’ve never had an herb garden or grown flowers or vegetables from seeds and it’s always been stuck on a “someday list”. Of course, I won’t be able to grow everything I’d like – vegetables will have to stay on that “someday list” right until we get that “someday house” – but it’s a start and it makes me happy not only in the now with planning and imagining, but in the future, too. I’m already looking forward to watching the tiny seeds grow, the meals we’ll cook, the fresh flowers we’ll have. It’s only March, but this is going to be a great summer.


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