Kids, Chocolate, Books and Helping Others

Day 11

While I don’t remember a specific lesson from my parents, my sister and I picked up on helping others when you can. Maybe it was something in our water or because our parents read to us constantly – try finding a children’s book that doesn’t deal with helping others. Either way, this idea is a wonderful thing to give to a kid. It implies not only that they’re capable of helping solve a problem, it gives them agency in a way that is rarely granted to small children.

In the spirit of kids doing their best to help others, I came across this blog post yesterday and I’m sharing it with you guys. Please share with your own friends and family and have a good Wednesday! I’ll be back tomorrow with a longer post.

101 Books

Here’s a heart-warming way to start your week.

Dylan Siegel is 6-years-old. His best friend, Jonah Pournazarian, has an incurable, rare liver disease called Glyogen Storage Disease Type 1B.

Jonah’s liver can store sugar but can’t release it, which means he can have dangerously low blood sugar levels that could lead to seizures or death. His immune system is also compromised, meaning something like the flu or a stomach bug could kill him.

When Dylan found out about Jonah’s illness, he decided he wanted to do something to help. His dad offered to have a bake sale or open a lemonade stand. “He’s like ‘Don’t patronize me. I want to do something big,” Dylan’s dad told ABC News.

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