On Being Kind to the Birds

Birdfeeder 1


Day 10

I’m trying very, very hard to get ahead on this blog. Not only would pre-writing posts allow me a longer period of time to edit, you could also expect them at the same time every morning! Miracle of blogging miracles! With that in mind, I was working on making a very simple pinecone bird feeder this morning. If you grew up when I did, you probably remember making something like this in preschool or kindergarten.

Yesterday, when I was out with Winston, the sun was shining and I could hear the spring birds in the trees. White fluffy, marshmallow clouds were floating across the sky and dozens of those tiny March flowers were out and about – baby daffodils, tulips, cherry blossoms. It was like a goddamned Disney movie; I half expected a robin to perch on my hand. Feeling ever so cheerful, I picked up some pinecones to make bird feeders. Never mind that they weren’t the best kind for bird feeders – they were really pokey – I was going to make them work.

I carried them home, rinsed the dirt off and dried them; realizing as I was rinsing them that birds eat seeds from the ground all the time, let alone pluck food out of garbage cans. Side note, I once saw a seagull cough up a chicken bone. To this day, it is one of the most bizarre, bird-related things I’ve ever seen. Anyway. I laughed at myself and thought “Oh well, it wasn’t like I expended a ton of energy rinsing some dirt out.” and I left them to dry overnight.

This morning, I woke up and started writing what I thought would be the 10th post on my blog. For some reason, I couldn’t get more than two sentences in without stopping and starting over. Frustrated and angry, I forced myself to keep writing. I finally finished it and even thought it was decent. Then, I had the good sense to read it aloud and realized it sucked. So, I thought I’d take a break and return to it in half an hour or so to edit and rewrite.

Feeling disappointed that I hadn’t managed to post by the deadline I’ve set for myself (8:00ish am West Coast/11:00ish am East Coast), I decided I’d get a jumpstart on a future week’s post. So there I am, pouring birdseed on a plate and it spills every where. Little tiny bits of millet and weird round seeds rolling around on the floor as Winston lunged to lick up what, he had no clue, just that it was floor food. Theo escaped to the bathroom and I wrangled Winston into his crate so that I could sweep up the effing birdseed.

I caught myself getting angry and decided, nope, I’m not getting upset over birdseed. After sweeping, I let Winston out of his crate and resumed bird feeder making. Ok, this was fun – I took some pictures, smeared some peanut butter on the cone and rolled it through the birdseed. I was imagining all of the cool, pretty birds that would visit our deck and how much fun Theo would have watching them fly around. I imagined sitting out there this summer and having dinner with Josh as the little birds ate their dinner, too. Deciding that I now had a sufficient amount of birdseed stuck on it, I went to tie the colorful strip of fabric I had selected around the top of the pinecone.

The thin fabric snapped.

“I JUST WANT TO BE KIND TO THE BIRDS!” I yelled as the pinecone went flying and birdseed and peanut butter went everywhere. This is just as funny as it sounds and I immediately cracked up laughing.

I spent hours yesterday planning out future content. I researched happiness strategies and was determined to go about this whole thing in a more systematic way (and I think I’ll still try to go that route most of the time.) But this morning reminded me that you can start every day with the best of intentions, lay out all the plans you want and you’re still at the mercy of Murphy’s Law. And sometimes, you end up with good laugh and a better post because of it. That, and a ridiculous looking pinecone.

Birdfeeder 2


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