Kindness is Worth It


Day 9

A little bit of housecleaning first…

Over the past week, I’ve really enjoyed writing these posts. They’ve forced me to think and consider and dig in ways I haven’t in a long time and, so far, these posts have been unplanned. I simply started writing and allowed myself to explore the happy moment of the day and by the end of each post, I found a connection that I hadn’t realized existed when I set out. It was magical.

But…I thought (worried) a lot this weekend about how I was going to manage to write fourteen weeks of short essays on happiness and still keep it interesting. In the next second, I realized that without planning there was no way for me to do that. I’d end up repeating myself and, horror of horrors, would have to refer back to previous posts to make sure I hadn’t already covered it. The thought of having to do that week after week was seriously discouraging. After discussing this with Josh, he suggested a mix of some planning and some spontaneity and that, my friends, is where we are.

I spent this morning and late afternoon dipping into happiness research and have come up with main categories on what science and practical application have determined make people happier. If you would like to research along with me, I’ve also checked out a few books from the library: The Myths of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky, The Happy Life by David Malouf and Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin.

Each week, I’ll explore a topic with a different experience each day, reserving Sunday as a chance to recap and check-in.

TL;DR – I’ve realized I needed to map out my blog to keep from repeating myself.

And now to the regularly scheduled post!

Other than treating the person behind me in line to a free coffee and putting small amounts of change in parking meters that are about to expire, I love giving people something sweet as a Random Act of Kindness. Like Mary Poppins and her spoon, a little bit of sugar cheers people up a lot.

With this in mind, I baked these chocolate chocolate-chip cookies, with a little bit of sea salt on top, for the staff in our building. Everyone was pretty happy for this pick-me-up and I enjoyed improving their Monday.

R.A.K.’s are very simple and I think it’s easy to dismiss doing small things like this for other people because it’s so tiny. Big deal, I baked someone cookies – it’s not like it’s meaningful. I’m not cookie-Ghandi; I’m not baking for a charity; I’m not promoting world peace. Cookies are not a grand gesture – but the intention behind them is.

I am choosing to be kind to another human being simply to be kind. I do not expect lower rent, better service or special recognition and this makes me happy. I’m not suggesting we can change the world by baking each other into a sugar-high, but I do think we can try to change the world by choosing to be kinder to each other.

And, full disclosure, like most things I’ve written about so far, I fail on a regular basis (I snap, I’m impatient and judgmental). But that doesn’t stop me from trying again tomorrow.


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