Sundays are Not my Jam



Day 8

For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreaded Sundays. It’s the end of the weekend, laundry needs to be done, house needs picked up, groceries bought, meals planned. Ugh. Sure, a rainy Sunday is perfect for renting a scary movie, taking a nap or reading a book in between loads of wash but it’s never been enough to combat my Sunday Blues. Responsibility rears it’s un-fun head in almost every direction I can see.

Over the years, I’ve tried various cures – cooking a fancy Sunday dinner, staying up late like it’s still Saturday, having friends over for morning coffee and pastries, eating out, making more plans with friends, going on a long walk or to the movies – and nothing quite pulls me out of the funk. Sure, I have fun while the fun lasts, but then I remember that it’s Sunday and….wash, rinse, repeat.

The truth is, I might never learn to love Sundays but life’s too short to have a permanently sad day of the week. And, surprise, a large part of this Happiness Challenge hinges on taking enjoyment from small things. So, this is my plan of attack: enjoy the moment, damn it.

I don’t care what I’m doing today – scrubbing the tub, washing dishes, playing with the cat – I am determined to enjoy the moment. Does that mean I need to revel in the grossness that is dishes? No. It just means that while I’m busy getting my fingers all wrinkly from dishwater, I’ll listen to some music, dance, laugh at myself and generally have a good time. So there, Sunday, take that.


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