Happy Days are Here to Stay



Day 7

It’s Saturday. For us, it’s been a pretty busy day and as a result, I haven’t managed to carve out the time to write a full post. However, I have been thinking about the past week and whether I’ve seen any forward momentum and the answer is, drumroll please, kinda. I would love to say that through the sheer force of paying attention I’ve begun to change the way I think in just a week. But if that were true, I would be working on an infomercial and trying to get Mike Rowe to sell my happiness cure instead of writing this blog.

I’ve still been irritated, frustrated, pissed off and angry at the day-to-day grit that we all have to deal with. When the pasta sauce I was making kept separating? Pissed. When Winston wanted to sit and stare down the block for no apparent reason and wouldn’t budge an inch? Annoyed. When I couldn’t find my keys/shoes/glasses/purse? Blind and angry. When it was raining, cold, and the cat pooed in the tub? Grossed out and gagging and we were out of bleach.

But that’s life. It’s irritating. It’s messy; it’s running late and hating the fact that you couldn’t roll yourself out of bed just ten minutes sooner. It’s a far better use of my time and energy to teach myself to remember what’s worth remembering and letting go what isn’t than it is to keep a

And the point of this whole shebang is to slowly start to block that noise. To take a deep breath and learn to appreciate the fact that not finding a shoe is not worth my nervous system kicking into fight or flight. It’s realizing that there’s some good in every day, even when we have to dig for it with both hands.

Here’s to the next seven – I’ll keep writing if you’ll keep reading.


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