Waking Up on the Right Side of the Bed

day 3


Day 3

I know that mornings are often people’s least favorite part of the day. You wake up to an annoying alarm, roll yourself out of your warm cozy bed and into the shower. If you’re like me, you start thinking about the long to-do list or that you still need to prep for that meeting and oops, you’d forgotten to buy cat food last night and now the poor animal gets treats to tide him over until you can make it to the store. And, you’ve just noticed that the trash is full and now you can’t make coffee because you can’t throw away yesterday’s grounds.

Nothing about this scenario is pleasant. In fact, just writing it is stressing me out.

The other day, I caught myself in a similar cycle. I woke up, threw off the covers to encourage myself to make the move from sleeping to standing and started pulling clothes out of my dresser. My head hurt and I was already thinking about how I’d probably get stuck in traffic on my drive down to visit my family in Tacoma and that our dog, Winston, might not want to sit in the passenger seat on his own. By not sit, I mean actively climb into my lap and attempt to drive or clamber onto my shoulder and launch himself into the backseat. Fast and Furious: Dog Edition – more likely page six news story summarizing the dangers of driving with an unsecured pet. Anyway.

I laid out my outfit and toddled to the bathroom to the blissful sounds of construction going on directly across from our apartment. I thought about waving to the construction guys sitting on the retaining wall they’d just built, but decided against it. I stopped to make some coffee but the trash was full. Onward. I then had to fight the cat to get through the bathroom door before he could hop in the shower and do his strange morning ritual involving licking the warm water from the tub. Thwarted, he loped away with a hiss that said “You best sleep with one eye open.”

Finally, I squeezed myself through the crack in the door to my husband brushing his teeth, which, after the gauntlet I’d just run, I equated to hogging the sink. I took a breath and said “I had the funniest dream last night.”

“Wha’ abou’?” asked foaming, sheet-creased husband.

And then I launched into this crazy dream I had involving our cat, a trucker, an alternative planet and oxygen tanks. Seriously. At some point, Josh started laughing, and then I started laughing because I couldn’t explain the dream logic of how or why I was giving our cat away to a trucker. I then spent the rest of my shower thinking about the crazy shenanigans my brain engages in while I’m asleep and how my dreams are generally hilarious. Also, that being pissed off at a morning full of what my husband calls “first-world problems” was a serious waste of mental energy.

First-world luxuries aside, let’s face it – mornings are not for everyone. Sometimes, they’re shitty and it can be really hard to force your mind off of the stress-track it’s cruising down at a hundred miles an hour. But, I’ll put it this way – if you can find something to laugh about, it helps push the reset button. And, if I can turn down my stress even a little bit?  That’s a pretty happy thing.


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